Saturday, November 5, 2011

"The Beautiful Girl Is The One Who Fights"

I forget where exactly I got this picture from but it was something I've been meaning to put up for a while. And I have no idea what the context of this picture is specifically or where it came from. So there it is!

   Anyway, I want to propose to everyone the idea of making a Facebook page for my blog. Someone brought it up a couple of weeks ago and thought it'd be a helpful way for people to follow my posts or for my blog to reach out to others. Thoughts on this? 

I have been battling with the idea for two reasons: 1. Popularity of my blog is not something I am aiming for.  I am cool with having a limited audience so long as I know that somebody out there takes an interest in women from Latin-America. 2. Facebook is an entity that I politically don't feel completely positive about. Facebook basically owns whatever content you produce on it. It owns your page. In other words, Facebook owns your ideas and can take them from you, put them on ads, and  lay claim to them without any legal question. This is how Facebook profits. It does not have to produce any content for its website; we are the workers who do this for free.

So that's my Facebook rant. I'd really appreciate feedback on this, compas.


  1. I agree with the painting. Las mujeres que luchan por la justicia son todas bonitas, y las adoro a todas.

    And about the facebook, it might be a good idea. I wanted to do it once myself. But I don't have a facebook profile because of the reason you just mentioned. But you might give it a try, good luck on your decision, compa :)

  2. Gracias :). I think I will give it a try in about two weeks or so once school stops getting in the way.

  3. Ahhh yes, schoooool.

    Hope it all works out, this blog deserves more exposure. These women deserve more exposure.

  4. I understand your trepidation about Facebook. I, myself, am paranoid about putting any kind of personal information ANYWHERE, be it on messages or updates, and I never put up on my wall where am I. I never understand why people do that.

  5. Same here. I don't understand how some people are OK with putting up all of their personal information and their whereabouts. A lot of my friends who are anti-this world and anti-this system we live in do this. They consider themselves "revolutionaries". And it just makes me wonder whether or not they consider the fact that it's counterintuitive to put your info up where government and other agencies can find out about you and your "revolutionary" activities. Seriously.